How 100% Pay-for-Performance Model Works

Step ONE
Hotel signs up and pays monthly campaign fee for next month.

Step TWO
HotelMarketingClub discusses with hotel to finalize the target keywords and works on the on-page and off-page optimization.

Say Wow!
Hotel may sign up for next month - and save money every month with our 100% pay-for-performance guarantee.

Conversions (bookings) during Campaign Month are tracked & compared with base data average(BDA) for past 6 months.

If this value is less than the paid Monthly Campaign fee, we refund the difference amount to the Hotel within 2 weeks.

If the booking count grows past the BDA - we calculate a commission only on the 'grown bookings' above BDA.

"With our solid 100% P4P money-back guarantee on booking growth, we've made it a no-brainer for hotels to join as members and grow faster online"

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